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Top 10 Staycation Spots In Seattle

Aerial view of Seattle city buildings.

Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest of North America and one of the best tourist destinations. It is also regarded as one of the cities in the country with the quickest growth.

It is a significant coastal seaport city and a wealthy metropolitan hub in the US. Undoubtedly, it is a key entry point for travelers traveling by air or sea to Alaska and Asia. This list of the top 10 staycation spots In Seattle may come in handy if you have any immediate plans to tour the city.

Bainbridge Island

It is a little village in the center of Puget Sound that is incredibly beautiful. Bainbridge provides interesting and attractive views of the surroundings, and as a bonus, the Olympic Peninsula, Mount Rainier, and the Cascade Mountain Range serve as stunning backgrounds. The island is home to numerous artisan wineries, a brewery, and an organic distillery, and it is a true utopia for aficionados of alcoholic drinks. You can visit Bainbridge Island by taking the local ferry. The area is particularly well-known for its historic landmarks, which are well worth seeing, and its many hiking trails, which are popular with adventure seekers.

Lake Cle Elum

It is peacefully lying 7 miles north of the town of Cle Elum along the Cle Elum River’s path. Despite being a storage reservoir for an irrigation project managed by the US Bureau of Reclamation, the lake is a well-known and well-liked fishing location. Fishing is available to tourists throughout the year; however, because there are no boat launch facilities available beyond mid-summer, the lake is drained yearly. Rainbow, Kokanee, and cutthroat trout are among the many trout species that call this wonderful lake home. Families with children are welcome to visit the location because it offers various features and other advantages to tourists.

Visitors are urged to periodically check the website for the most recent updates to ensure they are well-informed with accurate and up-to-date information because fishing restrictions are subject to change. If you want to move but haven’t yet located the ideal location, our consultants from Master Moving Guide put up a comprehensive guide featuring some of the greatest US cities. They tell us that an increasing number of people are interested in moving to Seattle.


One of the best spots to visit in Seattle, which is in Snohomish County, is Darrington. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers and is lovely. Darrington’s unquestionably stunning setting and one of the best tourist locations contribute to its popularity. It is also renowned for being a center for several outdoor activities organized here every month of the year. Hiking, horseback riding, bird viewing, and mountain biking are good places to start if we need to discuss the summertime activities offered here.

The famous space needle.
Darrington is among the top places to visit in Seattle, which is located in Snohomish County.

While guests can gracefully search the nearby woodlands for the ideal Christmas tree, winters are specifically renowned for presenting opportunities for snowmobiling. Taking a panoramic helicopter tour at the location also provides a stunning view of the lovely town’s mountains. The events held year-round, including some thrilling concerts in the park and the majestic yearly harvest festival, are unquestionably one of the town’s remarkable attractions.

Lakewood Gardens

In Lakewood in the state of Washington, it is perfectly situated. One of the top tourist attractions close to Seattle is the non-profit, 10-acre estate garden known as Lakewood Gardens. As history attests, Mr. Thomas Church was the most renowned and the best architect of his day. He created the location with beauty in mind, and it is still a terrific site for those who genuinely enjoy nature, history, flowers, plants, and scenic beauty. All year long, this place opens its arms wide to guests. One could never have anticipated how fascinating the intriguing history behind this magnificent landscape would be. According to legend, affluent Emma Alexander previously controlled a substantial portion of the Lakewood Gardens in the 1900s. She then left home to her son and his wife. The Alexander family then bought a second piece of nearby land and united the two, according to the tale. The natural beauty of Lakewood Gardens, along with its intriguing plants and lake ecosystem, make it one of the best and a must-visit location.

Trees near lake
The non-profit, 10-acre estate garden known as Lakewood Gardens is considered one of the best tourist destinations nearby Seattle.


According to a recent report, Bellingham, the northernmost city in the contiguous United States, has a population of over 50,000. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking surroundings and attractive outdoor recreational options there. Hiking, golfing, and fishing are some well-known activities that may be practiced here during the summer, while skiing at Mount Baker would be a terrific idea to try out during the winter. Bellingham is home to numerous museums and art galleries with a long history of disseminating knowledge and beauty. Additionally, the city is renowned for hosting some fantastic events, such as an annual seafood festival in April and another well-known and well-attended six-day fair in August.

Olympic Sculpture Park

The amazing Sculpture Park is one of the top 10 staycation spots in Seattle. A walk with stunning city, harbor, and mountain views. It’s also free. How could you resist visiting the Olympic Sculpture Park at the Seattle Art Museum? The 9-acre outdoor sculpture garden, formerly an industrial wasteland, is now home to works of art, including Alexander Calder’s “Eagle,” a six-ton piece of red-painted steel that resembles an abstract flying bird. The walkways are surrounded by art; for a longer, more romantic walk, use the 1.2-mile seaside trail near Myrtle Edwards Park. If you own a pet, this park is perfect for your furry friendSeattle is one of the best places for dog owners in the US. You can use your staycation to spend time with your pup and explore the city together.

Washington State Ferries

Ferries are an essential—and the most attractive—part of Washington’s transportation network, operating all over Puget Sound. As a walk-on passenger, you can enjoy a quick, enjoyable, and affordable sightseeing boat ride on the Seattle-Bainbridge Island ferry (adult cost is $7.70 roundtrip). On the 35-minute ride, you may see 14,410-foot Mount Rainier looming to the south if the weather is clear. Despite being frequently obscured by clouds, “The Mountain,” as the locals refer to it, does exist.

Seattle Art Museum

The ideal location to visit on a rainy day, or any day, if you want to see anything from sculptures by Native Americans and paintings by European masters to ancient Asian art. The museum is located in the center of town, and its gift shop and restaurant provide unique mementos and delectable cuisine. On the first Thursday of every month, entry to the museum is free for adults. The Seattle Art Museum is just one of many museums Seattle has to offer; if you are looking for cultural enlightenment, you won’t find Seattle lacking.

Ballard Locks

At the Ballard Locks, you may observe salmon and boats, such as fishing boats, tugboats, kayaks, and yachts, while experiencing the true spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Boats can transit between Seattle’s freshwater rivers and Puget Sound thanks to the locks, raising, and lowering boats (about 20 feet above sea level). Salmon can swim up a fish ladder beyond the locks to reach their freshwater spawning grounds, and tourists can observe them through glass windows.

Boeing tour

The Boeing B-29
View the displays at the Boeing factory in Everett titled "Future of Flight."

View the “Future of Flight” exhibitions at the Boeing factory in Everett, about 25 miles north of Seattle, where you may even virtually build your plane. The Boeing facility, which has a volume of 472,000,000 cubic feet, is the largest building in the world and houses the assembly lines for several Boeing aircraft, including the 787 Dreamliner. The exhibits and 90-minute guided tour cost $18 for adults.


As was previously stated, Seattle is one of the best tourist destinations nationwide and the ideal place to vacation. Seattle is undoubtedly the perfect city to travel to with friends and family because of its beautiful diversity and rich historical background. Check out each of these top 10 staycation spots In Seattle.

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