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Fun Fall Activities for Couples in Seattle

A happy couple sitting under the tree

Welcome to Emerald city! Are you planning to move here? Or are you just visiting? Well, the answers to those questions don’t matter – what matters is that there’s nothing quite like Seattle in the fall. But, you already know that, after all, that is why you are here, reading this article.

What you don’t know is what you and your significant other should do there this fall. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’ve prepared a list of fun fall activities for couples in Seattle. Whether you are young or old, outdoorsy or indoorsy, or whether you are on a budget or ready to splurge, Seattle has some options! Thus, before packing your bags, consider putting some of the following things on your itinerary.

Go Pumpkin Picking 

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the fall? Pumpkin picking, of course! However, let us warn you about something – Seattle has brought pumpkin picking to another level. Local farms such as Puyallup, Snohomish, Bob’s Corn, Pumpkin Maze, and Carpinito Brothers will welcome you with tons of pumpkins to choose from and with mulled wine, hot apple cider, corn on the cob, candy apple, etc. Moreover, as these are farms, you will also be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables that you and your partner can cook later on for that romantic dinner you were planning.

A field full of pumpkins.
Picking pumpkins is a must and one of the best fall activities for couples in Seattle.

If this is your first time visiting Seattle, be prepared for some waiting. As these fun fall activities for couples are pretty popular, there are usually some lines. Of course, you can avoid them if you book your tickets ahead of time (online).

Go Apple Picking 

Going apple picking has been the most romantic thing a couple could do for centuries. That is because apple picking meant not only picking the apples but also staying in a charming bed&breakfast, mingling with other couples in love, attending culinary classes (where you would prepare meals out of the apples you picked), etc. Nowadays, apple picking also implies touring the countryside (which is mesmerizing during fall), biking, hiking, horseback riding, dipping in the jacuzzi, etc. 


There are many places where you can do this. Just look for orchards in or around Seattle. If you are visiting Seattle and are in a rush, check out The Farm at Swan’s Trail. But, if you have just moved to Seattle and have some time on your hands, check out Bellwood Acres (which also has a gigantic corn maze in which you will definitely get lost. However, be warned, apple picking and attending these kinds of fun fall activities for couples in Seattle last a short period of time – a week or two. Thus, don’t waste your time unpacking. Consultants from excalibur-movers.com advise hiring a moving company to handle all the moving-related things. If you decide to do everything yourself, you might have missed your chance to enjoy the fall by the time you are done.

Visit a Haunted Pub

Fall in Seattle is all about Halloween. Locals love it. They love it so much that they decorate their homes and the entire city. Pumpkins, skeletons, spider webs, and screaming ornaments are wherever you look during October. So, if you and your partner enjoy watching scary movies on a day off, you will love Seattle in the fall.

Moreover, besides touring the city and looking for fall and Halloween decorations to take a picture of, be sure to stop off at a haunted pub or two. One that is a must is the Irish pub called Kells. This pub has a scary history – it was a mortuary, and there were many reports of strange happenings there. Namely, people said that the floorboards in the attic creaked even though there was nobody upstairs, that mirrors used to shatter all by themselves, and that strange shadows appeared on the walls.

Two jack o' lanterns.
It would be a shame to go to Seattle in the fall and not visit a haunted pub or house.

Remember that you can visit this haunted pub any day of the year, not only during Halloween. So, if you want to make the most out of your winter in Seattle (or summer and spring), you can!

Attend an Oktoberfest Festival

Germany is not the only country that has Oktoberfest festivals. Washington, too, is full of them. From the beginning to the end of October, this kind of festival can be seen in almost all cities. For instance, Seattle is the host of the so-called Fremont Oktoberfest Festival. And, if you don’t mind a two-hour drive, you can attend the best October festival in Leavenworth – a Bavarian-themed town.

A couple drinking beer.
Attending an Oktoberfest Festival is bound to bring a smile to your face.

Moreover, if you and your partner have just moved here and if you are overwhelmed with mixed emotions, exploring the city can help! Don’t hide behind closed doors, especially in a city as vibrant and welcoming as Seattle. Go outside and explore. Check out the festivals we’ve mentioned before too. Trust us; nothing can help you deal with those overwhelming emotions better than meeting new people, drinking beer, trying local food, and listening to music.

Have a Picnic around Lake Washington 

When it comes to fun fall activities for couples, we cannot but mention the beautiful lake Washington and all the colors it has during these leafy months. While everything around the lake starts getting yellow and orange, the color of the water reflects the sky which is slowly turning pink. Imagine having a picnic with this view! Just bring a blanket, a basket with food and wine, and some warm clothes – and you and your partner will fall in love all over again. There is a good reason why this lake is one of the most romantic getaways in Washington State


As you have seen, there are many fun fall activities for couples in Seattle. We’ve mentioned just some of the most popular ones, but you already know there are many other things you can do in this beautiful city this fall. We also suggest exploring the central library, getting lost in a corn maze, driving to the coast, going on a brewery tour, visiting the Snoqualmie Falls, attending a sporting event, taking a stroll through the Japanese gardens, or heading to the mountains for a fall hike. You won’t know where to begin!

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