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Best Cities in Washington State for Digital Nomads

Digital nomad

The modern era brought some of the most advanced and exciting opportunities. Namely, with the advanced use of the internet, and mobile computers, you can work from anywhere in the world. The choices are practically endless, from the confines of your home to a restaurant with a hot cup of tea in your hand or from a park.

This means that people are increasingly turned away from the usually cramped offices. Instead, they are going on a trip around the world. Thus the digital nomads were born, traveling from city to city looking for an ideal location for their craft. But what do digital nomads search for? This article will discuss just that, and we will take a look into the best cities in Washington State for digital nomads.

Digital nomads in search of the best cities

There is no surprise when we tell you that digital nomads are looking for a specific spot on the map where they feel most comfortable. Since you cannot describe the needs and desires of the digital nomad group as a whole. As it is comprised of many individuals, it can be a little ungrateful to talk about what they are in search of as a group. But before we jump into talking about specific cities in Washington State, let’s take a moment of our time to see, in fact, what brings digital nomads to the cities:


  • a place with job opportunities and connections
  • a place with good internet
  • a lot of activities
  • a place with cafes and restaurants
  • a place with parks and nature

Although this can be a generalization, we here at Clever Neighbor believe these are the key factors bringing in many digital nomads to Washington State. Since it ticks all the boxes from above, it is safe to say that the State of Washington is a trendy place for digital nomads.

Seattle- the best city in Washington for digital nomads

There is no doubt that Seattle is the best city in Washington State for digital nomads. Seattle has been voted the best place for digital nomads in the whole of the US. But does it uphold the title? In short, it truly does. Seattle is the right place if you are ever questioning where to go as a digital nomad. There are many cafes, restaurants, parks, and ample activities throughout the year. More than that, Seattle is home to many companies and job opportunities, such as Amazon and Starbucks. Staying close to them presents an excellent opportunity to stay in touch and in connection when it comes to business, as stated and advised by rockstarpromovers.com. They also say that Seattle is one of the most desirable places to which many digital nomads relocate. Located on Elliot Bay with access to the Pacific, Seattle, with its beautiful landscapes and nature, is definitely a top destination for every digital nomad.

Seattle Skyline
Seattle is one of the best cities in Washington State for digital nomads.


Olympia is the capital city of Washington state. It is located near the shores of Capitol Lake, and the majestic Olympia Mountain rises on the horizon. This incredible city offers a multitude of things to do. Plus, it has been receiving a steady amount of eager digital nomads over the past couple of years. This is mainly because these landscapes are unique and so breathtaking that you want to stay there when you see them. Apart from Seattle, many digital nomads have decided to opt for a smaller town to find their place and happiness. Olympian Peninsula offers unique water access to other major towns such as Port Angeles. On top of that, the captivating nature of the Olympic National Park will make you want to stay here indefinitely.

Olympia WA
Another good city for digital nomads is Olympia.

Moving to Washington State

If looking at all these fantastic places urges you to pack up your bags and move (which it might), then moving will be the next step in your life. Interstate moving can be quite a challenge that requires a lot of money, patience, and time to accomplish. On top of that, it can be very stressful. To mitigate this, hiring a professional moving company can be the key to success. When moving interstate from California to Washington, for example, a California-based team can assist with the most complicated parts of your move. These relocation experts can help you out with everything moving-related, from helping you to pack your things and interstate transportation to unpacking. Hiring movers means that you will spend less money and, most importantly, time that you can dedicate to other more pressing matters.

Redmond is great for digital nomads

IT company’s headquarters
Redmond is home to many IT companies and is one of the best choices for every digital nomad.

Redmond can be an ideal town for you to move in as a digital nomad. This fast-growing town is located just 16 miles away from Seattle and is a booming business hub. Many digital nomads are drawn to Microsoft’s job opportunities – the leading company in this town. Apart from that, Nintendo, Solstice, AT & T, and Genie Industries offer a perfect start for every eager digital nomad. On top of that, this fast-growing community has access to one of the most exciting and biggest parks, ideal for picnics, sports, festivals, concerts, biking trails, and more.


Another small town that is close to Seattle and can be an excellent spot for every digital nomad is Sammamish. This mouthful-named town is located in King County, making it an idyllic place for vacations and romantic getaways. Hiking, golf courses, bike trails, and excellent schools are the trademarks of this small town. Astonishing wildlife and nature make this cozy little town a perfect spot for every digital nomad that imagines his life as a big vacation. 

Pullman is one of the best cities in Washington State for digital nomads

Pullman can be the solution if you are looking for a small town with a tight-knit community. This exciting town enjoys a low crime rate and very low living costs. In fact, its living costs are among some of the lowest in the US. It is also a university town, bringing more than 20,000 students yearly. Parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and many entertainment options await every digital nomad looking to make this cozy town his home.

Although there are many more, in this article, we have been discussing some of the most popular the best cities in Washington State for digital nomads. This beautiful state, rich with business opportunities, can be an ideal place for every digital nomad. Finding your perfect spot, in the end, comes to your choice. No matter what you choose, you won’t regret it.

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