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5 Reasons to Visit the Seattle Library

Seattle Library

If you’re planning to make a visit or move to Seattle, your first thoughts are about Seattle tourism. Last year, 40 million people made the same trip from all over the world and U.S. 

People want to see Seattle because it’s rich in both outdoor and indoor sights to see. It’s one of the countries fastest growing cities for a reason. 

If you’re currently making your list of places to visit in Seattle, add the Seattle Library. It’s much more than looking at the books and will change how you view libraries. If you’re not convinced, take a look at these reasons to visit the Seattle Public Library. 

Why You Should Visit the Seattle Library 

Seattle tourism is full of culture and unique vibes. The Seattle Public Library is one of the best places to get the full Seattle experience in one place. 

1. Book Lover’s Paradise 

If you’re a book lover, the Central Library is an obvious place to spend your time in Seattle. Who doesn’t want to wander aisles and aisles of books all day? 

The Seattle Library boasts around 1.4 million books in its extensive collection. And with a whopping 11 floors, you should carve out a good amount of time for browsing at the Central location. 

2. The Unique Architecture 

Like everything in Seattle, the library is a great place to find unique architecture. 

The Postmodern architecture of the newly built Central Library is a sight to behold. You’ll want to take plenty of external pictures before making your way inside. 

3. Special Events 

If the library is a must see while you’re in Seattle, you should check their events page for info.  

The SPL hosts special events such as book signings, film screenings, and more. Plan your visit around some of these amazing calendar events to join the fun. 

4. Chocolate in the Library 

Where else can you find a library that offers chocolate in the library?

The Seattle Library has the Chocolati Coffee cart on one of its floors dedicated to treats. Get tea, coffee, chocolate, and baked treats. Make yourself cozy with hot chocolate while you sit down with a book you want to borrow. 

5. Public Artwork 

Why not indulge your love for both art and books in the same place? 

The SPL has art from resident artists who contributed public works of art for the library. They also have local artwork, as well as others. 

The library is supposed to be the hub for culture, and Seattle Public Library has it all. 

More Places to Visit and See in Seattle 

Bottom line, if you want a unique experience during your stay, visit the Seattle Library. It has everything you could want for a full day at the library. 

When you visit a new city, it can be difficult to know the best tourist spots. Seattle Clever Neighborhood wants to give you the best advice about local hot spots. 

You’ll need to eat in between taking in the sights. Check out these fun Seattle restaurants to energize yourself for more touring. 

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